Norway again: Chasing Northern Lights

This is going to be just a quick being alive and news from the road post. We are currently visiting again beautiful Tromso in northern Norway hoping to catch again some beautiful northern lights. We had two very successful and productive nights with some real cool action in the skies.

Below are two highlights from our trip. We hope that the bad weather will stop. It is way to warm and cloudy with almost no chance for seeing the clear sky.



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Travel update

After spending a wonderful Thanksgiving together with the Cappel family as well as Bill and Suzie we continued our travel south, with a short stop in Reno to change the car to an all-wheel-drive which was a good idea, because shortly after that on our way to Mono Lake we had to go over a pass and there was snowslush, we didn’t want to go through with the summer tires….

The weather in Lee Vining at the Mono Lake permitted some evening shots of the stars above. Click on the image to show a high-resolution image.

We then continued towards the Death Valley, with the usual stop in Bishop for a snack from Shat’s Bakery. We stayed in Death Valley for two nights, the first one was clear and made us get out of bed by 12.30 am and drive a few miles to a spot to take some pictures of the Milkyway and some shooting stars.

Now we have reached Flagstaff, Arizona on our way to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge where we hopefully will be able to get the pictures of snow geese and cranes we are looking for. Stay tuned…

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California 2014

Fall vacation 2014

On Saturday we started our journey with the flight from Frankfurt to Copenhagen. After a short trip to downtown Copenhagen we spent the night at the Hilton at the airport.Kopenhagen_00031 Kopenhagen_00032 Kopenhagen_00041

On Sunday we proceeded with a flight from Copenhagen to Zurich where we finally embarked our last flight. We landed after a pleasant flight with SWISS Airlines in San Francisco with wonderful weather and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the drive to our first night stay in Pacifica. After a small dinner we went to bed early with the  sound of helicopters searching the near beach area for a body seen in the water as a lullaby.

DSCN0453_ DSCN0454_ DSCN0455_ DSCN0458_ DSCN0461_ DSCN0466_ DSCN0468_ DSCN0472_

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Norway 2013 – Time flies and time to say good bye

It has been an incredible trip and I can not believe that the last entry was made 6 days ago. We had a nice but physically exhausting trip and traveled almost 2000km the past days to find the best locations and weather for getting Northern Lights displayed. Weather and sun activity was partly co-operative and we had one really productive day. The landscape here is stunning beautiful and I do love driving with spiked tires on icy roads.
This is is smal Northern Light showing at the very far near Tromvik which was approximately an hour drive to get there.


This image was taken during the night at almost full moon and looks more like an image taken during the day but you could see the stars in the sky.




This is an image taken during a trip where the chances to see highly active Northern Lights was announced but the weather prevented it with severe snow fall and no clear skies at all. Fun driving though 😉20130125_Tromso_084

Two days later we were rewarded with an unpredicted swarm of Northern Lights showing up. We took more than 1000 images that night and I hope to sort them out to create some timelapse series as well.

20130126_NorthernLights_Troms_770 20130126_NorthernLights_Troms_602

The next days were kind of slow but the scenery to capture is even more beautiful with some clouds involved. It was the first time for us to see a partly frozen ocean and I do love the dramatic scene in this scenery.20130128_Tromso_024

Our final day here concluded with beautiful winter weather – yesterday going all the way down to -24°C. 20130130_Troms_050

Time to say goodbye to a nice place and who knows. Maybe we will be back sooner than expected…


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Norway 2013 – Chasing Northern Lights north of the arctic circle

Our english written and more to travel related page here is a little in hibernation mode as we are currently remodeling our house that takes time and money. However, we decided to take 10 days off and travel to Tromso which is approximately 350km north of the arctic circle and well know for their culture, landscape and of course being within the belt where northern lights (Aurora Borealis) show up very often.
Getting there was kind of challenging but we managed to get to our hotel only one day and almost six hours later than planned. It’s winter there and we have a nice car with spikes that makes driving on the snow and ice covered roads much safer.

We decided to use the few hours of daylight to get familiar with the surrounding areas and best places to take pictures and then return at night to see whether we will see the magical and colorful northern lights that if you have seen the once will be remembered for life.

The pictures below where taken near Sommaroy


Our car covered with snow:








The weather currently is a mix of heavy clouds, heavy snowfalls and some spots with clear skies. We were lucky last night so see a light green northern light before it disappeared and clouds moved back in.

Hard to see but the greenish cast is the actual northern light:

20130124_Sommaroy__003 20130124_Sommaroy__013 20130124_Sommaroy__005

Higher resolution images could be found here: Norway Gallery


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Daytona Supercross 2012

We used the opportunity of our current travel not to attend the Daytona Bike Week though they had some nice custom build Harleys and other manufacturers but being a former MX guy and fan of motorsports in many kinds we decided to attend the Daytona Supercross 2012 race at the Daytona International Speedway. This is the only Supercross race that is outdoor and guess what: It poured water like we have never seen before. Thanks to Guragear for their great Kiboko 22L with the removable rain cover all of my equipment stayed dry the whole weekend.

The picture below pretty much shows how muddy the conditions on the track were:

Practice Session Daytona Supercross 2012

Daytona Supercross 2012 - Practice

James Stewart during practice:

James Stewart - Daytona Supercross 2012

James Stewart - Daytona Supercross 2012

Ken Roczen the current MX 2 World Champion is racing in the Lites class for KTM this year. Last weekend he went up on the podium but this time he only had the unlucky 4th place.

Ken Roczen - Daytona Supercross 2012

Ken Roczen - Daytona Supercross 2012

Ken Roczen Daytona Supercross 2012

Ken Roczen Daytona Supercross 2012

Justin Barcia for the lead in his heat race.

Daytona Supercross 2012 Lites

Daytona Supercross 2012 Lites

Justin Barcia won the SX Lites event with a huge lead.

Justin Barcia - Winner SX Lites Daytona Supercross 2012

Justin Barcia - Winner SX Lites Daytona Supercross 2012

The start of the Supercross main event – the big guys. Davey Millsaps got the holeshot but James Stewart took the chance and won the race.

Start Supercross Daytona 2012

Start Supercross Daytona 2012

This was the race winning maneuver where James “Bubba” Stewart took the chance and took the lead shortly after landing the bike.

James Stuart & Davey Millsaps Supercross Daytona 2012

James Stuart & Davey Millsaps Supercross Daytona 2012

A great weekend at the Daytona International Speedway ended with a short night of sleep…

Daylight saving time just came in time and stole us an additional hour.

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Florida travel update

We had a couple of pretty slow days where we did not take a single picture at all. The reason? Lack of wildlife e.g. at the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island.

We visited the Venice Rookery in South Venice before we switched from the Gulf coast to the Atlantic ocean.

Venice Rookery

Venice Rookery

Venice Rookery

Right now we are staying at the Atlantic coast near Kennedy Space Center. Yesterday we drove through the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge but either the light came from the wrong direction or there were no animals.

Merrit Island NWR

Merrit Island NWR

We also spent some time at the Viera Wetlands where we were lucky to watch Great Blue Herons nesting with their chicks, lots of different ducks and several Ospreys as well as Bald Eagles.

Viera Wetlands

Viera Wetlands

Viera Wetlands

Viera Wetlands

Viera Wetlands

Viera Wetlands

More pictures are in our gallery here: GP-Photography gallery

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Day 4 & 5 – Naples and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

We spent the past two days in the Naples area and of course visited the Naples Fishing Pier that is famous for it’s spectacular sunsets. I was taking pictures exclusively with my prime wide angle lenses from Zeiss whereas Eva preferred taking the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS to the beach.

Though I wished to have some clouds around they appeared to be to massive for just adding some texture to the sky.

The next morning we drove to the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and got rewarded with some morning fog, a snake and a red shouldered hawk fighting with a barred owl. This was our most productive visit at this place and it finished with again a beautiful though completely different sunset at the Naples Fishing Pier.

More pictures from today could be found here: GP-Photography Gallery



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Day 3 – Everglades National Park

Today we started a little later as usual but we got rewarded with a pair of barred owls and their two chicks at the Mahogany Hammock in the Everglades. The angle and the light was pretty difficult to handle and you did not get really a good view but we are happy that w have seen them

The Eco pond at flamingo was pretty productive as well. You could see images from their in our gallery: Florida Gallery

Today topped out with a beautiful sunset the Pines Glades Lake though the clouds disappeared almost completely.

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Day 2 – Everglades National Park

The second day of our trip started with our first round into the Everglades. We did not get up that early but arrived still with the last rays of good morning light. Temperatures rose almost to 30°C with moist air.

The rest of the day we spent mostly driving, short hikes and looking for nice locations. We finished the day after 12+ hours going with a boat out into the Florida Bay enjoying the sunset accompanied by a small group of dolphins.

A couple of more pictures could be found here: Florida Gallery

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